Welcome on the website of SP-edico Ltd.

Our company was founded in February of 2000 and it is solely Hungarian propriety.

Our main concept is reliability, punctuality, respect and flexibility when providing service to our clients. Our prices abide by the actual commercial conditions, and we make an obligation to delivering complete or partial cargo to its destination maintaining competitive price points. The scope of transported goods ranges from normal commercial items to dangerous goods (ADR goods).

During the past 20 years our company has shown a constant growth and development thanks to our colleagues and subcontractors, henceforth we can declare that the objective of a long term and successful partnership has been achieved. We do not only have a partnership with small- and mid size enterprises but also with large industries.

Please do honor us with your trust!

Gabriella Kliegl


The liability insurance for transporting has been covered by Generali Insurance Company.